Face Masks - PPE

With the COVID-19 outbreak we like many of you have been searching for PPE for our families. N95 masks are the preferred masks however we have been asked to leave those for our health care workers. Also you will stand little chance of finding many at this time. The question I had was how can I protect the air I breathe in and yet not start to create a huge amount of waste.

These face masks are a great solution. While N95 cannot be replaced these are great for quick errands, mowing the yard, getting gas and more. They can be easily wiped cleaned or sprayed after use. The filter can pop out in seconds and you can use many items (some you may already have) as a replacement filter. We are printing our mask out on 3D printers using PLA or PET filaments. The mask can be heated with a hair dryer or heat gun to adjust for a tighter fit. We sell our mask assembled including elastic straps, rubber seal and a starter filter (you can decline filter). You can also purchase just the body and construct your own mask if you want to save a few dollars.