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To edit content on your Joomla site from the frontend you must first have a login access availiable. The frontend means you will edit from the same view point as if you were viewing the website. This is a very limited means of managing your site but it is a very easy method to make quick changes to your content.

Usually on my clients sites I build there will be a login form or a staff login lonk at the bottom of the web page located in the footer. Login with your username and password which you should already have for Joomla. You need to have more access privilages than a registered user to edit. After you have logged in go to an article and if it has an icon next to the title you are able to edit it. Note all pages are not considered articles and therefore some pages will need to be edited in other locations on the backend.

Click the edit icon located next to the article title and you will then have the article opened in a edit window. You are now able to make changes to the article as needed, including images, links and more. Once you have made the changes click the Save icon located in the upper right corner of the window. YOU DO NOT WANT TO USE YOUR FRONT OR BACK ARROW AS THIS WIL CAUSE THE PAGE TO BE LOCKED OUT. After saving you will be taking back to the page which will now display the changes.

Other changes you may want to make but are not done form the frontend are:

  • Contacts
  • Menus
  • RSS Feeds

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