Joomla Backend (Administrator) Section

To access your admin section go to and login with your user name and password.

For clarity we will call the Administrator 'home page'  the Control Panel. It will often be seen to be called a variety of other titles, especially in the forums, such as:

  • Administration Panel
  • Back-end Panel
  • Control Page
  • Administrator (the correct name)
  • Administration Page

...or indeed a combination of these and others!

The Administrator Back-end (Control Panel) is the first page displayed when an administrator, be they a Manager, Administrator, or Super Administrator, logs in to the Back-end of the Joomla! web site

This Help screen assumes that the demonstration content has been loaded in to the database during installation.

The actual content of the Control Panel that each level of administrator sees depends upon their Access Level. A Manager sees less than an Administrator, who in turn sees less than the Super Administrator (who sees it all!). This difference extends to the actual functions that each can carry out.

At any time when the Menu bar is available (when no editing of an Item or Function is being carried out) return to the Control Panel by clicking the Home button in the top menu bar.

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