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Once a file has been upload via Docman to Joomla it must then be associated with a document. Here are the steps to creating your document.

Once you have uploaded a file into to Joomla you will need to create the virtual document within DOCMan.

  1. Navigate to Documents under DOCMan via the main menu in the admin area. (Components > DOCMan > Documents)
  2. Choose New
  3. Give document a Name
  4. Choose the category this document belongs in
  5. Select "Yes" for Approve and Published
  6. If you like you may add a description to go with the document (optional). Please note, along with the title the description is searchable using the Joomla search tool.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and under "File" click the drop down menu and find the file you wish to associate with this document you are creating.
  8. Set the date for when you wish the document to be published. You may put a past date in if you are adding items for archives.
  9. Scroll to the top and select "Save"

The document is now setup and ready for download via the web site.

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