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To add a file to Docman you must take the following steps.

  1. Login to the backend of Joomla i.e.
  2. Go to Components > Docman > Files
  3. Click on the Upload icon in the upper right of screen
  4. You will have 3 choices on how to upload your files. In most cases you will select "Upload a file from your computer" Click next to move to the next step
  5. Browse for your file or if you like you may compress a collection of files into a .zip format and select it instead. Please note if you select a .zip collection you must click the checkbox titled Batch Mode.
  6. After you click Submit and the file(s) are uploaded you will then be asked to Upload more, or make a document from the file you just uploaded. Please note, if you uploaded a .zip file as a Batch Mode it will automatically unzip the collection into seperate files upon completion.

Next Step - Creating a Document

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